About Us

Ideal Setech, LLC and Ideal Setech Share-the-Spare®, LLC are joint ventures of Setech U.S.A., Inc. Ideal and Setech are leaders and innovators in their respective industries.Learn More


Ideal Setech programs are designed to be combined. Every facility has different sets of goals. Creating the right combination helps save money, allocate resources more efficiently, and run at full capacity.Learn More

Safety & Quality

One of Ideal Setech highest priorities is safety. For Ideal Setech, safety comes in “Cans” – I Can, You Can, We Can. Learn More

MRO Life Cycle Solutions

The maintenance, repair and operating (MRO) segment offers numerous challenges. Realizing these challenges, Ideal Setech’s MRO Life Cycle Solutions are life cycle specific to the MRO product segment. These solutions were developed to change, redirect, and/or halt behavior to improve overall performance and provide benefits across the entire enterprise.

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